Why the spiral?

I come to my work with individuals and groups confident that God is already present and active in their lives. I see my role as helping people to name and claim that presence, to take ownership of their experience of God. When that experience encounters the Word of God in prayer, the richness of other people’s lives and the creative action of the Holy Spirit, theology, catechesis and spirituality emerge naturally in the reflection and sharing that happens within the group.

All our best learning happens in a spiral. We do not learn in straight lines. In the spiral we begin from a position of strength, rooted in our own experience. From there we go out to encounter new experiences, perspectives, theories and challenges. Reflection allows us to bring together what we have known and what we are now experiencing. The spiral is dynamic, inviting us to explore new possibilities, to ask new questions, to understand our lives and the lives of others more deeply. 

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I am Bairbre Cahill, married to Danny and together we are the parents of four children now aged 16,18,20 and 22. My background is in psychology (BSc University of Manchester) and theology (BD Heythrop College, University of London). I have a particular interest in the spirituality of family life and I firmly believe that it is in the bits and pieces of our everyday lives that we encounter God. I have worked in the area of Pastoral Development within my local diocese as well as teaching Spirituality for St Angela’s College Sligo and facilitating on the Redemptorist’s International Sabbatical programme over a number of years in Hawkstone Hall, Shrewsbury, England.

I am a published writer with articles in Spirituality and The Furrow, books for Redemptorist Publications and a regular column in The Irish Catholic newspaper. I am an experienced facilitator, trainer and speaker with a strong background in Ignatian spirituality and experience in spiritual direction. I am available for retreats, workshops and the facilitation of conferences and events. I can be contacted through the form below. 

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